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225-250HP High Performance Engines (HPE) and Packages (HPEP)

The HPEP series is a complete package including Mercuiser Bravo I,II,or III drive options. If your looking to repower, the engine is available ready to fit your existing Bravo or Volvo DP/SX drive. You can also order engines with or without transmissions and can be adapted for jet applications.

HPEP 250 Specification PDF

HPE 250 Specification PDF

HPEP 225 Specification PDF

HPE 225 Specification PDF


The high reving FNM engines have proven to be a great choice for jet applications and the HPE250 (center photo) is the first diesel capable of close coupling to the hamilton 212 jet.  The package is 100lbs lighter and 7" shorter then a 350 Chevy producing equal perfomance.  FNM Alaska has pioneered the engine package in a 22' river boat and our sea trail testing has shown great performance.  A top speed of 41mph @14gph and a cruising speed of 30mph at 6gph!   We're confindent, you'll see 25-50% reduction in fuel consumption.  Not only do you get the safety and longevity with the diesel engine, you'll save hunderds of dollars at the pump and be able to travel much farther with a cruising range that's unmatched.  FNM Alaska is the first to couple the HPE190 to the American Turbine 203 axial flow pump (left) in a Phantom Sportjon tunnel.  The boat has proven to run extremelly shallow waters and seeing an overall 4mpg in fuel mileage.  The AT 203 pump is one of the toughest pumps out there with impeller blades nearly .200" thick and a solid 1/4" stainless steel wear ring.  This pump is definitely durable!  Call us today to order a North River/Almar with and FNM Diesel or Phantom Sportjon with diesel or Mercury sportjet.

Alaska Tested and Proven
The HPEP 250 was installed in the 30x9.5ft Almar Sounder Pilot House Valdez six-pack charter vessel, Halibut Grove, for the 2008 charter season and proved to be a great performer! With a gross weight of approximately 13,000lbs the boat cruised at 29-30kts consuming an average of only 5.9gal/hour/engine and averaged 2.3mpg over 450 operating hours. The vessel consumed 10-15 gallons less per trip over the previously installed Steyr engines equating to big savings at the pump, $47-$71/day in fact at $4.79 gallon. With just over 60 trips completed in 2008, the HPEP 250 installation saved between $2800-$4300 for the season. Over time, these engines will pay for themselves in fuel savings! A true environmental and pocket book friendly marine diesel engine.
Compact and Light Weight: Weighing under 640lbs, the HPE 250 has one of the highest hp to weight ratios of its class. The FNMs increased horsepower, dropped over 200lbs and increased engine compartment space leaving room to easily access the engines for service and maintenance. With an oil capacity of just under 5qt, the FNM utilizes half the oil of most engines with longer services intervals (200 hours) and showed no oil consumption between oil changes. Another operational savings and environmental friendly alternative to your daddy's diesel!
TWIN HPEP 250s TWIN STEYR 246s (only 239hp)