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80-110 HP High Performance Engines (HPE)


In 2009 FNM Marine is launched another addition to the HPE engine series: the HPE 80 and HPE 110.
This model is based on the latest Fiat Powertrain Technologies turbodiesel engines. Based on the four-cylinder, 1.3 L turbodiesel aftercooled Common Rail engine with direct injection, this engine comes complete with anti-vibration mounts, panel instrument with VDO gauges and 8 mt. cable, and Racor filters. The engine is available for propeller shaft application with ZF Hurth or Twin Disc transmissions.

The HPE 80-110 series is the smallest turbodiesel engines on the marine market and they have an unbeaten power-to-weight ratio. In fact, it only weighs 352lbs!

HPE 80 Specification PDF

HPE 110 Specification PDF



Just released is the HPE 80SD (Sail Drive). A complete package for those sail boat enthusiast looking for a reliable, fuel efficient engine that will give you the range you could only previously dream about. Don't worry about calm winds ever again!

HPE 80SD Specification PDF

Also just release is the HPE 110JD (Jet Drive): This compact light weight fuel efficient combination is sure to deliver the performance and range that will leave your competition stranded down stream while you explore areas up river nobody could ever get to before.

HPE 110JD Specification PDF